Jam Jars and How I Keep Time

While the last 20 days have been anything but ideal I have still managed to keep my wits about me (save for that impromptu tattoo I got last weekend). Time does march on. 

I believe only one friend knows this about me. But I keep tabs on my time here on this planet with empty jam jars. Specifically Bonne Mamen Preserve jars. This week I finished off a jar of Mango Peach Preserves. As I washed out the jar to put it away I couldn't help but think of the past weeks and working my way though it. I don't care to spread all my news out there like Page 6 but I will share a few things I've learned these past few weeks. 

Things I've Learned These Past Few Weeks Living In The South: 

1. There is a medium who speaks to dead people operating her business just four blocks from my home. I am at once intrigued and terrified every time I walk by her storefront. 

2. Friendships reach new levels when one is asked to escort another to an adult themed store to buy a blow up doll for their significant other. Just to prove a point.  

3. There is a women somewhere out in the world who has her husband's name tattooed on her "special place". She also did that to prove a point. And in the end she won that argument. 

Japanese Tuna Salad

Japanese Tuna Salad

Japanese Tuna Salad

After a rocky start to a 39th birthday week I decided to get out of dodge and see what I could find out in the wilds of North Carolina. 

Things I Learned This Weekend Traveling In The South: 

1. There are few problems a Reba McEntire impersonating drag queen, whiskey, and riding crop can't solve. 

2. The incorrect response to learning someone's cat is a hermaphrodite is, "your cats fucked up."

3. If for only a few minutes, the right meal can calm your tits. And the Japanese Tuna Salad at Lucette Grace in Raleigh, NC did just that. See photo above.  

Korean Beef Bibimbap

Korean Beef Bibimbap.jpg

Things I Learned This Week Living In The South:

1. If you can find a woman who will tolerate your drunk self Facetiming from main street, throwing up while being cheered on by the evenings alfresco diners, and without missing a beat wipe the spittle from your mouth as you praise her and claim her as your fiancé to the now forming crowd, consider yourself blessed. 

2. As my trusted advisor and beard stylist once said, "when online dating, nothing good happens after midnight. Wash the sheets in hot water and we'll forget about it over bottomless mimosas tomorrow."

3. When someone in the group has to ask, "what is that drip, drip, drip?" it's time to consider that you have maybe had one too many lactation cookies.  

This month my emotional eating has taken a sharp turn for the better...I think. At the suggestion of my mother and some friends I joined Hello Fresh. The online meal prep service. Once a week I get a box of wonderfully packed goods with three detailed and easy to execute recipes. Unlike my online dating life as of late this is reliable and a delight to have at home. My final meal of this week was Korean Beef Bibimbap. I've added an egg. Because everything is better with an egg. 

Korean Beef Bibimbap



Summer Sausage

Things I Learned This Week Living In The South: 

1. Slow dancing with a lesbian to Leon Bridges while drinking wine and eating cured meats on the roof of the birthplace of Camel cigarettes was a great way to ease into a long weekend. 

2. This same lesbian was spoon fed by Jeff Probst on Survivor as she was flown out of the Philippines due to Japanese Encephalitis. 

3. I'm not sure if it's due to my time served or their general gullibility. But it was far too easy to convince two traveling actors from LA that my hairdresser had her handgun in her handbag. Because "this is The South". 

Summer is waning. Let's see what else we can learn before the threat of snow and pumpkin spice lattes.  

See you next time. 





Peanut Butter White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Peanut Butter White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Peanut Butter White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Things I Learned This Week Living In The South: 

1. Apparently in The South, when not in your home, you should never assume you can wash your hands in the kitchen sink. You are to state to the homeowner that you desire to wash your hands and then inquire as to where said hand washing should take place. My public apologies to all who I may have offended these past few years. 

2. I am far too attached to my nap jeans (yes, nap jeans) that I was paralyzed at the door of my home not able to comprehend what to do next when I realized they were left at the beach from last weekend's shenanigans. Thankfully there is a lovely woman bringing them back to me. I am sure you are asking what are 'nap jeans'?  Well when I nap I refuse to take my pants off. If you nap with pants off you are just going to bed in the middle of the day. Nap jeans provide next level napping etiquette.  

3. I am a caterer's worst nightmare. In my weekly role of Proxy Fiance to my friend Ashley I found myself at a cake tasting (that I demanded we have). And then proceeded to spend an hour in the most Minnesota passive aggressive way demanding a very specific wedding cake from a far more talented than myself cake decorator.  So for the second time this week I publicly apologize for my less than stellar behaviour, in this, my adopted home, The South. 

P.S. The above mentioned cake decorator gave us only amazing samples and a coffee buttercream that made the Golem in me want to steal away to a cave and never share it. Please check her out if you are in Winston Salem. She can be found at The Humble Bee on Brookstown or on Instagram here.   

P.P.S The above mentioned encounter while in my role of Proxy Fiance led to a need for the below cookies to be made. Though not my favorite, Ashley's real finance does love them. 

Peanut Butter White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies


Yields Roughly 42 Cookies