Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Don't Make Me Say It

Not sure if you are aware...but today is Halloween. A day normally reserved for hunkering down, turning off the lights, warming the Jack's Pizza, crackin' the can o' Diet Coke and watching the ultimate in Halloween movies - The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

However that is old Benjamin. 

New Benjamin is off the liquid crack, hasn't had a Jack's in months (sorry Jack kinda lost your number) and had an invite to the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. 

Back Story - 

Last month Work Wife informed me that her daughter, Petite K, wanted to throw a "savory Halloween party pre trick or treating". 

That's kind of a direct quote. 

She wanted a party that her girls could come to pre going out, carbo load, do squirlfriend things like make up, costume adjustments and such. Immediately I got to googling and put in my two cents.  Work Wife and Petite K squashed some of my ideas (reminding me that I don't own all parties).  And in the end Petite K had final say and she created one wonderfully horrific party that even the Queen of Halloween, Ms. Stewart, herself would be jealous of.  

Review - 

The buffet was set with ghoulish treats like meringue bones, bat wing drumsticks, crudites pumpkin platter, devilish eggs, witches fingers (breadsticks) with blood sauce (marinara), and a witch vomiting up a fruit platter.  

Classically decorated with glow stick filled ghost ballons, cobwebs and glittered skulls the stage was set for a night to remember. 

The evenings guests were "frightening but glamourous", said one party goer. I couldn't agree more.  

Be jealous readers. Your party wasn't nearly as memorable.

consider this Page 6 ladies...