Vote No (MN), Vote No (MN) Again, Bacon YES!

Happy Election Day.

I hope you voted.

I did.

And as I have the day off and those around me are chained to desks, firetrucks and construction sites I've decided to make an election day meal.

In reality Sister and her Husband invited me over to watch the election coverage and eat dinner. They have cats and I don't like cats. Except on Reddit (please see example).

So tonight my neighbor, Nadge, myself, part of the family and perhaps SAGL (it is his house I'm hosting in) will dine on the following: 

Roasted Vegetables (care of the tasteful display of pumpkins and squash formally found in the front porch).  

Chicken Roulade - I was lazy and didn't want to go to the store today. But did find myself at this local market in the 'hood. Guse Green Grocer (take a look)

So using what I had...

I mixed together some cream cheese, feta and herbs de provence. Rolled that into a pounded out chicken breast and theeeeeeennnnn  maybe wrapped it in bacon (he says sheepishly). What was I to do? The bacon was just sitting in the icebox and is NOT just a Sunday morning treat. It can be an everyday treat. Maybe.

Chocolate Marble Loaf Cake

This was thanks to Ms. Stewart.  You can find the recipe here.  

And take note above of the mess I made of my own copy of the recipe. That is a finger smear and not a tongue smear. Just for the record.  

No eating until you vote! Or pack a snack. Lines could/SHOULD be long.