Slow Cooker Applesauce, (Linda Blair's) Sexy Gold Velour Onesie Culottes, and Scary Movies

Slow Cooker Applesauce

If you ask me Halloween is good for one thing - the onslaught of scary movies on TV. Thankfully this Halloween season I am blessed with The Cables and had a buffet selection of options this week. 

While enjoying the Linda Blair classic, The Exorcist, last night I was chatting with former Work Wife discussing food. Because what better time to discuss food then when a teenage girl who is possessed starts spinning her head around while projectile vomiting.

Naturally our discussion lead to apples and slow cooker applesauce. 

So today while I sat riveted to my television watching the waste of celluloid, The Exorcist II: The Heretic I let a couple pounds of apples stew away in my slow cooker. As my eyes took a visual assault from Linda Blair's gold velour onesie culottes, I wondered to myself how the hell did the phenomenal Louise Fletcher get sucked into such a horrible film. But then I thought of the things I've done when I was desperate for money and all was forgiven of Ms. Fletcher. 

Happy Halloween!

Slow Cooker Applesauce


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Don't Make Me Say It

Not sure if you are aware...but today is Halloween. A day normally reserved for hunkering down, turning off the lights, warming the Jack's Pizza, crackin' the can o' Diet Coke and watching the ultimate in Halloween movies - The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

However that is old Benjamin. 

New Benjamin is off the liquid crack, hasn't had a Jack's in months (sorry Jack kinda lost your number) and had an invite to the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. 

Back Story - 

Last month Work Wife informed me that her daughter, Petite K, wanted to throw a "savory Halloween party pre trick or treating". 

That's kind of a direct quote. 

She wanted a party that her girls could come to pre going out, carbo load, do squirlfriend things like make up, costume adjustments and such. Immediately I got to googling and put in my two cents.  Work Wife and Petite K squashed some of my ideas (reminding me that I don't own all parties).  And in the end Petite K had final say and she created one wonderfully horrific party that even the Queen of Halloween, Ms. Stewart, herself would be jealous of.  

Review - 

The buffet was set with ghoulish treats like meringue bones, bat wing drumsticks, crudites pumpkin platter, devilish eggs, witches fingers (breadsticks) with blood sauce (marinara), and a witch vomiting up a fruit platter.  

Classically decorated with glow stick filled ghost ballons, cobwebs and glittered skulls the stage was set for a night to remember. 

The evenings guests were "frightening but glamourous", said one party goer. I couldn't agree more.  

Be jealous readers. Your party wasn't nearly as memorable.

consider this Page 6 ladies...