Supper Sluts, (Jon) Secada, and Sweet Sweet Tacos

Supper Sluts time again folks. This is the most regular thing in my life. I'm not big on fiber.

This month I had the pleasure of attending Supper Sluts at Jegging's home. With every expectation of it being covered in cat hair, and mail order packages of pant-less outfits you can imagine my surprise when the cats were nowhere to be seen, her main squeeze was "out" and there was homemade food in a Crock-Pot! 

"Where is your pizza?!?", I am sure you are screaming right now. 

Jegging's was my hold out on lovely processed food and high caloric beverages. But alas that sassy Irish lass decided to grow a pair of mama like lady balls and cooked us a proper mexi-buffet. Dinner was a wonderful White Chicken Chili chased with with "homemade" Jiffy corn-muffins, vegetable platter, and the most amazing blue chips I've ever had (Garden of Eatin' Blue Corn - they had spice to them). To wash down this mini feast was Fanta. 



Jegging's came through on this one. And regular Coca-Cola. As I fear regular Coke is too close to Diet Coke (320 days clean as of this post) I opted to cleanse my palate with Fanta.  

Wiki/Fanta-fact...Fanta is a result of Coca-Cola not being able to get ingredients into Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Those always thinking Germans decided to use what ingredients they had and created Fanta. The More You Know.  

Now being educated in the field of binge eating on sweets. I was really concerned about what Jegging's had prepared for the dessert portion of the meal. She didn't fail.  

Jegging's floated from the icebox to the sofa with a package in hand.  Inside was a Choco-Taco. 

What's a Choco-Taco?  Check it out....CHOCO TACO 411

This was all new to me.  I was alone in this as everyone in the room apparently had their fill of this delicacy during the college years while they were busy studying really really hard and didn't have time to partake in other college actives that might induce serious cravings or late night stops at Pump N Munch gas stations. 

The Choco-Taco is a wonderful hand held sweet treat that any student would find convenient to have while busting out some Psych 101 labs.  

To give the reader more of a feeling of being there, here are the evenings topics...

Jegging's cooking abilities
Jegging's pad being put on the market (two bedroom condo in the heart of MPLS - contact me if interested)
Jegging's LOVE of Jon Secada

And Jegging's cats.  Which, by the way, hide out in the condo waiting for unsuspecting visitors to use the bathroom as they wait to pounce from behind the shower curtain. I barely got out of bathroom with all my appendages. Poor DIYB had to take a second set of eyes with her in there to keep the beast at bay.  

Jegging's next pussy will be named Jon Secada. 

Enjoy your weekend.