"Church", Cookie Sandwiches, and Camp Candy

 This is the point where I thought "better get a picture before it's all stored in my moobs".

Hey Y'all! My conversion to a Southern Belle is happening slowly. And since we last kibbutz'd I have spent many hours practicing my "y'all", "bless her heart" and general use of the term "church" for anything to do when not at the office. As in, "oh it's five on a Wednesday. I gotta head to church". I'm fairly certain that means they are going home to watch The Big Bang Theory because the next day I never hear updates as to what happened at "church".

When not at work I have continued to spend my time roaming the highways and byways of this still Winter Brown state. Though the lack of snow and cold has been wonderful, I would kill for some winter wonderland to come in for a day or two and cover up all the mud I'm looking at.

So to console myself from the tremendous loss of friends, family and Perkins I have taken to food and basketball. Please don't act shocked. We all know I love food and a few of you know that I love physical activity involving balls. So when I am not at work or court side I am looking for my next feeding.

And here is this weeks restaurant recommendations should you come visit me. Which nobody has yet. I keep a damn clean apartment folks. I'm not like those other dudes who don't clean a toilet seat.

Back to the food -

Lunch yesterday found me at a little hole in the wall across from a video rental store (I assume with good Christian based family movies). The First Carolina Delicatessen is a New York style deli that has been serving the Greensboro area for 20 years. Simple wood paneling and a giant wooden statue of a woman with sagging bresticles makes one feel right at home when inhaling two Kosher hot dogs with hotly debated Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Soda. For some short reading on the love it or hate it following this celery flavored soda has take a peek here.

Clearly surrounded by Southerns with a refined enough palate to appreciate Hebrew National Hotdogs I fell in love with this place. At a short 20 minutes away it is well worth the drive. 

Second on my sojourn of food yesterday brought me to Maxie B's Bakery and Dessert Cafe, also located in Greensboro. If you ignore the Shabby Chic/Surprise By Design look of the cafe and focus on the 20+ cakes they had to choose from you'll be just fine. With a line out the door on a Saturday dinner crowd you would think I could handle the pressure of choosing what to take home. Oh hell no. I was just inches away from the tween behind the counter kindly demanding my order when I crumbled and ordered a slice (the size of a baby's head) of Pink Lemonade Cake and a nice side of Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich. 

I'm presently writing this from my bunk at fat camp. I ate a salad for dinner last night. Chased it with some cake and a La Croix (cuz I'm healthy). Woke up to some Scooby Doo on Boomerang, more cake and coffee (cuz I'm sophisticated). Reorganized my pantry. Had another salad for lunch (see previous note on health consciousness) and proceeded to chase that petite melange with Chocolate Chip Cookies that bookend about two cups of frosting. 

So we can all just agree that I will become diabetic, republican and adept at shooting things while living here. And making frequent stops at First Carolina Deli and Maxie B's.

Gotta run. My camp counselor has found my stash of Mars Bars under my pillow. And for those of you who care my version of fat camp is Camp Candy.