2 Piece, A Biscuit and Marlo Thomas

Last night was a special night for Supper Sluts.  

It was Black History Month in June.  

To explain myself so as to not anger my reader(s), Supper Sluts Black History Month in June was hosted by our member Black Kelly. And before anyone gets their milk all curdled she is "Black Kelly" because there are multiple Kelly's in the group.

There is also "White Kelly".

These names have been used for years and are fully supported by their owners. We are a very diverse group. There are drunken Irish, there's a pair of fabulous Queens, there's a cool mom, there are Camp People (and if you need a wonderful look at Camp People v. Non Camp People I suggest this piece from This American Life), there are country dwellers, cat people and a dog or two. Marlo Thomas would be thrilled to know that Free To Be You And Me lives on in Supper Sluts.  

On with the food...

Black Kelly's mom was visiting so she fried up some chicken. Best damn fried chicken I have ever had. I then had the pleasure of chasing it with some homemade Mac and Cheese. Don't get me wrong there is something wonderful about the whole block of cheese melted in with slightly al dente elbow noodles covered in black pepper - but who are we kidding...Kraft has the market on Mac and Cheese. Judge away.  

All of this was paired with a meth like substance called Red Beans and Rice. Having steered clear of this for years while growing up I decided to forge ahead in the name of Black History Month in June and try it.

Could not get enough. Black Kelly added some flair with andouille sausage. I secretly wanted to take the pan and sit in the corner of invisibility while eating it all.  

The final shot of the night came in the form of Lemonade Pie. Now in my mind's imagination this is an old family recipe that I will someday harass Black Kelly for. It's pretty much what you imagine. A lemon flavored cream pie. When asked I learned that it involved "folding" of ingredients. This concept seemed to baffle some of the Sluts. My blood pressure rose just a bit. I got over it. But for those who care - when the recipe says to FOLD, DO NOT WHISK!

If you need a tutorial check this out...FOLDING 101.

Before I forget...I did some eating out recently.

First at Jasmin 26 (closed as of 12/25/2016). This little Vietnamese joint was pretty good. I sat at the bar, drank a cosmo like it was 1998 and really enjoyed the Spicy Beef Salad. Now the roommate went a few weeks later and did not have rave reviews. I got the feeling it was just mediocre. Either way I liked it. And it was out of my previous life's bubble.  

Second at The Depot Tavern at First Ave. I'm pretty sure this place used to be a check cashing establishment. Very much a normal bar/food appeal to it. Slight hipster twang based totally on the cute server who called me and every guy at the table "hun". Now based on the server's recommendation I got the curry salad. Not as wonderful as he claimed all previous diners said it was. From the looks of the other plates I think the food could be pretty good. Plus they had a burger special and anytime meat in burger form is specialized I'm sold. But what really cinched the deal on this joint was after the Storm of the Century set in and we were trapped for a while the staff put CaddyShack on the tv's for us to enjoy. Who wouldn't love a litte furry gopher action while sucking down a Grain Belt Beer?

With that I am off to do domestic things. I found about 10 lb. of frozen zucchini in my freezer when I recently moved. How many ways can you cook zucchini?