Hairy Hands, Meatballs and a Prideful Cake

This past weeks was filled with work and pleasure. I was lucky enough to spend a few days assisting my work wife on some crazy new products yet to hit the shelves. During this time I learned that I have the hands of a Millennial Mom when photographed with a soft focus to hide the hairy man hands that I really have. I will scour the internets for proof of this when the product comes out. We actually had to look up "Millennial Mom" on the Google to find out what the heck that actually meant. Turns out my hands are a full generation younger than my Gen X self and have a hairy maternal glow about them.    

The pleasure part of my week was multiple celebrations involving my birth. After a quiet evening alone on my actual birthday it was nice to gather with friends to bring it in party style. As I was not planning on spending my second birthday baking my own cake I called on a culinary school friend to bring it on and make my birthday cake. 

Sophie from culinary school showed up with this rainbow explosion of tastiness. At my last birthday she blew my mind with an armadillo shaped cake a la Steel Magnolias. I decided this year to keep it more low key. So a 6 layered rainbow cake it was.  

The week wrapped up with a mild Sunday at home with Boyfriend. Having taken the birthday party not by storm our Sunday was not wasted. And it was the first time in what felt like weeks that we were both home with really no plans. I used this opportunity to make a real meal instead of the cottage cheese or kraft that we've grown accustom to as of late. Above you will see the skillet of my labors. Our local grocery store inspired me with their recent publication of meatball meals. I decided to try the Spicy Thai Turkey Meatballs. In the end Boyfriend said he liked it which was a good sign and I enjoyed it (could have been a smidge spicier).

Spicy Thai Turkey Meatballs


Now I know you are asking how could I possibly write this whole post without some remarks about balls, mouths, etc. Well I like to be classy and feel that Margaret Jo and Terry can do a much better job than I: