Diamonds, Teets and Wattle

Oh my it has been a while since my last post. I know there is one fan out there (just one) who actually reached out to make sure I was still breathing. So "Ms. D" this one is dedicated to you...

I've been in this business of food styling for almost three years now. Every year I hear from veteran stylists that "(fill in any month of the year) is going to be a hard month". Last year March was a hard month for me. Udderly no work in the studios coupled with a lot of work at the mall. This year was no different. So far March has brought me one job. And it involved the cow pictured above. Which if you ask me was udderly worth it. How many people can say they've had an udderly farm like experience in their kitchen while working in The 55402? The job was for a new dairy based product. That's all I'm telling you. It also included my baking 20 pans of udderly delicious brownies (see previous obsession with brownies) and sorting through udderly hundreds of peanut butter cups (and they were not Reese's - which I was informed have a very distinct ridge. Much like a Ruffle and it's Ridges).  

As that was the only food styling work I did this month I made sure to meet up with our blog favorite, Baby Mama, for some lunchtime adventure in Downtown Minneapolis. After a 10 day, self imposed, stint at the mall playing dress up with the mannequins I was in some udder need of adult conversation and a good meal. Now most of our conversation revolved around middle aged surgeries, Baby Mama's baby (who is udderly adorable but being a total Regina George to Baby Mama when she gets home from a long day of work), and the cow above. At first we couldn't decided where to eat and I became udderly inept at using my smartphone to find us some Asian cuisine. We decided it was best to just leave the building and hope that a restaurant smacked us upside the head.  

We made it about 10 feet from the building.  

Thank God for Turkey To Go.

This food truck was free of lines (which I now know should make me udderly concerned) and fully stocked. Baby Mama shrieked a little and then I'm pretty sure she ran to the truck. With only one option - a turkey sandwich, I was a little overwhelmed. Baby Mama knew exactly what she wanted. Which involved making the poor sandwich architect create a boat of sauce for the purposes of dipping her sandwich. I of course fell for marketing and bought an M&M Chocolate Chip Cookie (it was good but not mine). I will say the sandwich was udderly delicious. One bite brought me back to my family's gypsy days of traveling the county fair circuit selling turkey drumsticks alongside the funnel cake and Hawaiian Ice stands. In truth I only remember doing that once or twice. I'm sure there is a photo of me in a sweatsuit tuxedo somewhere gnawin' on a bird leg the size of my head. The best part of being in the fair food dynasty was the soda fountain that was housed in our back porch during the off season. My former Diet Coke addiction (I am udderly DC free since December 27th!) started there. I'm sure of it.  

Anyway back to the food. Turkey To Go was really good (follow them here on Twitter if you do that sort of thing).  \The staff was beyond friendly despite the whole dipping boat shenanigans. And they were very quick to make sure we had everything we needed (sauce included).  

This was my first food truck experience in Minneapolis and I loved it. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below! I would love to try as many as possible this Summer. Which really shouldn't be a problem as Summer has started in March. If the Mayans had a meteorologist what would they say...