Food Courts, Pickles, and wait...more Pickles

Chipotle Turkey Burger from The SkyRoom Macy's Minneapolis

Chipotle Turkey Burger from The SkyRoom Macy's Minneapolis

This past week I rendezvoused with blog regular Baby Mama.  We recently vowed to try new downtown Minneapolis eating establishments when we lunch together.  So naturally we chose to eat at the Macy's 12th Floor Skyroom where we have dined dozens of times before. 

But for good reason.  Baby Mama was pressed for time. She works for a world famous coffee organization (you can figure this one out) and needed to stay close to the cube in case of a coffee emergency. 

Above is one of the best burgers I've ever eaten. The Chipotle Turkey Burger (with Fries of course) is available at The Grill Window located behind The Million Dollar Salad Bar (you really have to enjoy a salad bar to pay for this one).  

Back to the food. Having been employed by Macy's for many years you may think, "Benjamin, are you just pushing some retail fast food agenda?" I am not. Behind the large red neon star lives a bright green sign that still shines and created some of the best food one can find at a department store. 

Marshall Field's/Macy's Culinary Team holds their own on a few signature items.  If you ever find yourself wandering around the Downtown Minneapolis or State Street Chicago store treat yourself to The Oak Grill or The Walnut Room. I normally go for the Chicken Pot Pie or Chop Salad.  The real selling point are the amazing popovers that mysteriously arrive at your table shortly after your drink. What better way to prepare your mouth for what's to come than with a warm popover doing the backstroke in honey butter?

The second best (see popover for first) part of this food on the go experience is that many of the tastiest delights can be found in the basement of Macy's (if you ever see me standing in line at Leeann Chin I will deny knowing you like Karen Walker at Taco Time).  The Chop Salad from above can usually be found in some form of wrap or salad to go.  You can build your own sandwich.  Or, like me for pretty much a year's time, you eat nothing but the turkey/brie/honey mustard on sourdough chased with a fountain Diet Coke (14 days off the liquid crack folks!).  After you've enjoyed your lunch/dinner you can woof down any one of the many sweet confections that Marshall Field's/Macy's still makes on site (I hope they still do?)  If not just go for the Godiva counter by the escalator. 

I have a busy week ahead.  I'm assisting on a food styling gig up north (which means it's outside of Minneapolis proper and there is actually a corn field next to the studio) and between commuting and watching what I eat (in a good way) I should be back later in the week with some gory details about a possible Thursday night happy hour.  

I'm leaving you with this image.  Baby Mama likes her condiments.  So much so she waited in line for 5 mins longer than she had to and had a total stranger score her some extra pickles.