Pass The Mookies Please

So I read on the Internets that zucchini is not a vegetable, but is in fact an immature fruit, being the swollen ovary of the the female zucchini flower.

Pictured above was our swollen ovary dinner from a few nights ago. A few weeks ago (which Boyfriend will tell you is code for me not knowing exactly when something happens) Boyfriend's parents sent him home with what I think was a metric ton of zucchini. I immediately imagined towers of chocolate zucchini bread. My chocolate dreams were soon melted because around that same time the gates of Hell opened up and the temperature outside lingered around 100 degrees Fahrenheit long enough for me to go nowhere near my oven. The weather has now cooled and so I found myself back in the kitchen searching for new ways to cook up some swollen ovaries. I found the dish above on Ms. Stewart's web site. I brought the dish down a couple tax brackets by eliminating the olives and using just plain old store brand spaghetti instead of linguine.

Now I must confess today's sin. I personally took down nearly a whole loaf of zucchini spice bread (another recipe of Ms. Stewart's). Like unhinged my jaw, massaged my throat like a pill swallowing dog and ate it over the sink because I couldn't wait to get the plate and sit down like a well trained human.

Last night Boyfriend asked if I could whip up a little something special for him to share at work the next day. And as I aim to please my man I threw together a couple loaves of the zucchini spice bread. I had made it a week before for a housewarming party but must have missed the crack like deliciousness while I was shoving multiple hot dogs in my mouth (side note: we live on the third floor of an apartment building and I have no desire to hoof it down to the grill - so anytime I get a chance to be near one I take full advantage of grilled hot dogs).

Back to this week's crack in a loaf pan. After I pulled myself away from the counter I rolled myself over to the ice box to see what if any swollen ovaries I had left. I NEED MORE ZUCCHINI SPICE BREAD! Thankfully there was a good foot (yes an actual foot) worth of zucchini still waiting to become illegal in most states.

Failed recipes for the week: Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies. Though mildly tasty they had the texture of a cake/muffin. Boyfriend and his co-workers labeled it a "mookie". Part muffin, part cookie.

photo by

Grant Bowers