Smack, Toffee Cookies, and The (dia)Betes

As the temperature finally dropped below 90 today I thought what a better way to get back into the groove of cold weather than baking up some cookies! In the world of cookies I am very narrow minded and only like to make Chocolate Chip. I've tested what feels like millions of recipes and found one that is my favorite. However, I will from time to time step out of my cookie jar box and try a new version. As of right now The Boyfriend seems to like my classic so I made a couple dozen of those to keep him happy.

Last week I had to clean out the Frigidaire due to a mild power outage and made Toffee Crunch cookies. Simply subbing out my first choice of milk chocolate chips with broken up toffee bar. Little did I know that they would be this seasons smack. Both The Boyfriend and Just Joni seemed rather sly in making sure they ate their share of the Toffee Crunch cookies without the others knowledge. I was preparing myself for a Jets/Shark showdown for the last one. I'm pretty sure Just Joni slid the last two into her icebox...

Above is this weeks version of the Toffee Crunch cookie. This time I used milk chocolate covered toffee for that extra diabetic coma inducing touch all bakers strive for.

P.S. If The Boyfriend is reading this he may want to pick up some milk for his cookies.