Relationship Goals with my CSA

Relationship Goals. 

My CSA arrived again on Friday. And again I am feeling pressured. 

Thankfully I just had (half?) a bottle of rosé to help. I'm thinking the bowl of mini wheats for breakfast is plenty base for my wine.

I'm going to walk home now. 

Who orders this much arugula?!?!

I do.



I love that word.  

Some woman just cat called me on the street complimenting my cardigan. Hello Hipster Woman. If I was into kitty kats I would totally stop and share my rose. Maybe. But I'm not into kitty's.  

She probably likes cabbage.

I like cucumbers. Persian (they're curved). Not the hothouse ones. Too skinny.  

Dammit the kabobs place is closed. Maybe the Mediterranean place is open.

NOPE. Hello...there is a qualifying bike race AND park concert happening two blocks away Mediterranean place! Your loss.  

I'll just fry an egg when I get home. With arugula.  And wine.   

Post. Post. Post. Opps. I mean publish. Wait...gotcha.