Failed Chocolate Cake

Earlier this week I found myself late one evening sharing a bottle of wine with two friends on the rooftop of the orginal Reynolds Tobacco Company. Not our normal hang out. However, the two of them had recently severed ties with boyfriends. And I'm just dead inside. 

As we waxed poetic of what we thought were brighter days in our past I was sent a gentle reminder from our dear friends at Facebook that it had been six years since my first blog post.

Which naturally got me thinking.  

I started this blog at the advice of a roommate living with me under the guise of romantic relationship. It was intended to be a means to showcase my then career of food styling. Shortly after the birth of my blog, that living situation changed along with my career. In order to prove people wrong I kept the blog going. In hindsight I've allowed this blog to cause me great grief. Never enough followers. Never the right content. Never enough time to dedicate to it. It has also been an excellent outlet. A means to bake through my emotions. Journal, as you will, in a way that I would never put pen to paper. It has been with me through various moves, multiple career changes, zero loves, some emotional eating, and some emotional pooping (we all do it). 

I looked back at the first post and realized that all involved were no longer in my life. As a true believer that some friends are meant to come and go, I am comfortable with this. As a true believer in change making us better, stronger, smarter, I am comfortable with this. As an owner of an iPhone 6 I am totally uncomfortable with the horrid image of that first cake. All joking aside I stand by my blog as it has changed along with me. I am happier with my content. I am happier with my photography. I am still happy with my three readers. Thank you Mom.  

I am nowhere near where I wanted to be when I started this blog. But I don't consider myself off course. Not even detoured. Just simply rolling with the punches, good and bad. 

In honor of this sixth anniversary I decided to remake the Rosemary Ginger Chocolate Cake with ganache from that fateful day in 2011. So I woke up this morning and got to baking. 

And 20 minutes after being placed in the oven I got a whiff of that not so pleasant smell of something burning. Upon inquiry I found my cakes were bubbling over and not doing what I expected. Initially I was angry. As I stood there altering my day mentally to account for the time needed to clean an oven, I realized that this cake is exactly what I needed. A reminder that sometimes things just don't work out. But as long as you have friends willing to split a bottle of bubbly on the roof of the Reynolds Tobacco Building, while sketching out our next plan of attack on life, all is good. 

Plus I just stood in my underwear and ate what boiled down to gooey fudge like cake straight out of pan while watching Star Trek. Best Saturday morning ever.