Farmer's Markets, Jeggings and Supper Sluts

Hello Fan(s)!  I hope you are all well and that you are being blessed with wonderful Summer weather like we here in the mighty Twin Cities have had as of late. In fact just this Sunday morning the roommate and myself had a wonderfully refreshing walk to our neighborhood farmers market in a constant barrage of mist. Moist is something I do not get to experience enough in my daily ventures outside. All joking aside it has been Summer here.  The grass is green (save for the boulevard in front of our house...damn dandelions) and the dogwood has given us our Summer snow.  

In regards to the farmer's market in the new hood, it pretty much had everything a hipster farmer's market needs and nothing I wanted (kind of a lie, but a little true). Plenty of beautifully put up preserves, tasty looking baked goods, expensive salmon, and organic eggs that I'm pretty sure come covered in gold. I was really hoping for large baskets of really cheap vegetables being sold by persons whose first language is not English. But in the end I walked away with a full tummy (thanks to Chef Shack and the tasty brat they provided - see below), the roommate binged on a beautiful falafel from Foxy Falafel (see above) and the front porch now is graced with a great little Amethyst Basil.  Did you know basil can come in other colors?  

What's been going on food styling wise?  I've been extremely busy food styling the last few weeks. There have been some bi-lingual videos (of which I only understood tostadas - if there are any Spanish speaking readers with abuelita's willing to teach I'm willing to learn), some healthy options, some not so healthy options and butt cakes. 

You heard me right. Butt cakes. 

Have you seen these? After you have finished reading this post go immediately to your Google Box and type in "BUTT CAKES" and trust me when I say turn your SafeSearch Filter on moderate to strict (unless of course you're looking for something a little more adult in your cake search).

This coming week is all about homemade popsicles (they are everywhere - and I just realized how wrong it is that both Butt Cakes and homemade popsicles are top on my list of things to talk about this time...sorry). If I learn anything great about popsicles this week I'll report back.  As of right now all I can tell you is that my sister turned me on to homemade frozen Greek yogurt pops a while back. They are wonderful. And according to that little #5 container they have more protein than the usual yogurt popsicle.  

Now onto more important things...Supper Sluts. 

For those of you not in the know Supper Sluts was the brainchild of the roommate and his lady friends this past January. They wanted a way to make sure EVERYONE in the group got together more than the twice annual attempts made in the past. So the first Sunday of every month is dedicated to a little kibitz and nosh. One person hosts and provides a meal. Everyone else just shows up. It can be a classy taco dish (credit to the roommate) or an even classier buffet style Little Caesar's Pizza Party. Great idea right?!?! Well this fine month of May I was able to attend a meeting of the secret society of Supper Sluts. All thanks to the roommate and his jet set lifestyle. Because he was off eating bbq is some state south of us I was called in to be his proxy. And being that I am unable to show up empty handed I brought a cheesecake.  Which is against Supper Sluts rules I think but as I cannot show up without a hostess gift...they got a cheesecake. 

I had some leftover rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries so whipped up a berry cheesecake to go with the wonderful taco bar provided by this month's hostess. I'm crossing my fingers that I make pledge during rush week and that Supper Sluts lets me back. If not, I will make sure that the roommate fills me in and then I will just gossip about them on the blog. 

And now I am sure you are wondering where the jeggings come into play.  One of the participants in Suppers Sluts (we'll simply call her Jeggings based on her penchant for...wait for it...Jeggings) was adventurous enough to meet up with myself and the roommate this past Saturday evening for some local fare at Tugg's Tavern. And by fare I mean beer and cocktails.  You know my love of "bar food". Jeggings and her main squeeze were a good time. And that's totally me sucking up to find a sponsor for my pledge into Supper Sluts.   

With that I should sign off - This week is chock full of stuff to do and eat. Until next time. 

Oh wait...I forgot one thing.  Today there was a casualty due to food and blogging. As I nestled onto the bed to bring everyone up to date on really important food stuff I started to get a subtle hint of sweet milk chocolate wafting up around me.  At first I Googled signs on strokes. Then gave up and decided I needed a ginger ale (over 140 days Diet Coke sober beeyotches!). As I went to remove the laptop from my lap I found the source of my chocolate room freshener. Somehow (and I'm sure I can pin the blame on any of the millions of guests I have in my bedroom) a milk chocolate chip managed to adhere itself to the bottom of my fireplace of a laptop and then proceeded to make my jeans into some sort of Levi/Hershey hybrid. What can we learn from this? Make sure to midnight binge eat over the sink. And to scotchguard your jeans.  

And I'm off...