Roasted Grapes

This week I have had reinvention on the mind. 

Selena Gomez cut her hair. 

Some work friends have moved on. 

I've cleaned out my closet while pondering a new look. 

All possible steps to start a reinvention. 

As I stood naked in front of my refrigerator last night cursing myself that I had no frozen cookie dough, no hidden fudge, not a chocolate chip in sight. I then thought I best take the healthy choice and dug my hands into the bag of grapes on my counter. My hand blindly dug around for my nightly emotional quencher and I was rudely brought out of my 3 am slumber by a fuzzy grape. And I thought "that little bastard is only 4 days old and it is already moved on". 

With my near death by moldy grape behind me this morning I got to thinking again about reinvention. If that grape can do it, any of us can. I've changed careers a few times. I have gone, unwillingly from long hair to no hair, bearded to not bearded to bearded, Structure to J Crew, husky to husgay. That landed me in the kitchen making roasted grapes. Taking them from healthy day time snack, to a midnight mouthful, to cuddling in bed with a sticky beard.

At one point this weekend I found myself sitting on a curb hidden behind a sedan waxing career choices with a good friend. Wondering what steps are next I was reminded of the wise words of Rupaul, "When the going gets tough, the tough reinvent."

So what's next?