Salami Hummus Sushi

Sushi: Salami and Hummus

If you are a regular reader you know that last week I was removed of my debit card by a nice person out in the world that wanted to borrow it. And with that temporary change to my wallet I challenged myself to spend the next week cooking with items that I had in my home with no trips to the grocery store. 

While one evening perusing the social media mega god Facebook I saw a friend post his evening meal. He dubbed it a Salami Taco. Simply a round of salami with a thin layer of hummus, topped with rice, and folded for ease of eating. He also stated that it was, "also kinda sushi".

The resulting negative support of his "friends" got me thinking of what dire straits I would be in with my cooking challenge. Then I realized I, too, had salami, hummus, and rice in my larder.

As my salami was still uncircumcised I got to thinking of his sushi comment.

I do love sushi.

And that is how I ended up dining on Salami Hummus Sushi. Luckily I had some chipotle hummus to give it some life.  

Sometimes all you need is a little push to get you up the summit.