Meat, Schlong, and Cold(ish) Weather

Pre Caramelized Onions

Pre Caramelized Onions

In what is going to be a rare event I have decided to blog my meal live. I have decided to share as I go because 1. I am pretty sure that the meal is going to give me gout (mega points) and 2. I have seen the present episode of The Big Bang theory one too many times.  

As the temperature last week dipped into sweater season (fair-isle is pattern of choice this year) the roommate and myself were waxing poetically about cold weather foods. I went the soup route and had a pregnancy like craving for chicken wild rice. The roommate trumped my weak ass suggestion with wait for it...meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Not one to pass up the opportunity to handle meat I hopped my meat-loving ass onto my bike and got over to Lund's. With 2 lb of beef in my basket I got back to the bachelor pad quicker than a Lean Cuisine is microwaved and inhaled by that girl in the corner cube who actually should eat a real meal.  

With some inquire I determined that the roommate was NOT in the mood for a trendy healthy meatloaf. He wanted a traditional brick of meat. Not one with a family loaf recipe I did some digging. One of my secret treat yo self moments is having a subscription to Cooks Illustrated online. They work magic in that Massachusetts kitchen. I found the recipe below and pretty much fell in love as I mixed.  

As for sides...

I whipped up some horseradish mashed potatoes (we here at the pad have determined if you potatoes don't make you cry and clear your sinuses they are not worth eating).

And the obligatory stuffing. Boxed Stuffing. Sometimes you want it just how Grandma made it. 

Now I know that you are wondering why eat such a warm meal on a warm day? But while Howard is getting his schlong removed from the robot apparatus on Big Bang there is nothing better than the smell of meat ready to unload in my belly. 

Glazed All Beef Meatloaf