Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese.jpg

Ooooo Lord it has been a hot minute since my last book review and I apologize. Please don't judge. I have been reading like a fiend since my last contribution over at Yes and Yes but as you know I have been wrapped up with some Southern Learnings. 

But I am back at it! 

This week I finished Buffering by Hannah Hart. You may recall eons ago back in my blog baby infancy I introduced you to Hannah Hart and her genius YouTube show called My Drunk Kitchen. Walk down memory lane here.  

Well like a YouTube wet dream come true, with a little hard work Hannah grew her show into something pretty amazing. With over 217 million views, Hannah has covered such topics as how to make boozy mac and cheese pasta (click here) or letting us in on something as intimate as her first lesbian kiss (click here).

In her latest book Buffering Hannah walks us through everything that lead up to her current tube-tastic life. Fighting to survive some pretty tough moments (starting with a mother with mental illness) she worked hard to create a brand reaching millions and whose ultimate goal is to spread good (check out Have A Hart Day for volunteer opportunities near here).

In honor of Buffering I chose to make a grilled cheese. In her very first video Hannah attempts to make a grilled cheese while enjoying a bottle of red and oddly not cheese. Instead of my usual recipe I will provide you with her video in hopes you can learn from her.