Rosalind Russell, Restaurant Reviews and (Cold War) Russians

Dear God - look at her outfit! There isn't a soul on this planet who would work it like Rosalind did. All other photos courtesy of random places on the internet

Dear God - look at her outfit! There isn't a soul on this planet who would work it like Rosalind did. All other photos courtesy of random places on the internet

Oh gurl it was my time of the month this week. Thankfully it was also restaurant review week here at 2B1S. That means I get to spend part of my week looking for a new restaurant that SAGL and I can try. This past Thursday he suggested we hit up the old theater in Columbia Heights for the showing of the original drag queen classic The Women. It's an all female cast staring Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell. We took this opportunity to try the well established now closed Modern Cafe near the theater. 

Located a few blocks in from the river in Northeast Minneapolis the Modern Cafe offers a changing menu with the seasons. French inspired, American classics with a blue-collar vibe, I fell in love the second I walked through the door. I did not take it as a sign that there were only 8 other people at most dining around 7 pm. It was a Thursday after all. Outside of the fur lined winter curtain around the door this place looked like you were back at the lake and talking smack about Communist Russia. Small straight-back booths for when people were naturally skinny. Giant stuffed fish on the wall and and a full bar. I was in cafe heaven.   

The cocktail menu had everything I need to make mistakes, a Manhattan, French 75 and a Tequila Sunrise were my top three choices. And since I was feeling nostalgic given our movie choice I threw back a Tequila Sunrise. It went down easy. Like a White House intern. Too soon? That girl knows I have her back. We joke all the time. 

Anyway the food...

Seriously I couldn't make a decision. Naturally they had a burger just in case I needed to go for my standard. Thankfully the waitress made the decision for me when she started to talk about the burger special. Onion rings and barbecue sauce sold me. The cheese on top was just enough to put me over the edge. Oh! and the buttered bun. If you ever want get into my pants just butter my buns and heat them up. Gets me every time. 

My burger arrived in all its glory. And per usual I unhinged and inhaled. 

SAGL went classic diner and ordered the meatloaf. It arrived dripping in a wonderful mushroom gravy. He did comment that he ordered the half portion and if there a second time would go balls to the wall full portion.

Sadly we did not have time for a dessert. We quickly paid cash like it was 1950 and scooted up the street to see the movie.  

Now Sister and Sister's Husband lived one block from this gem for years. I don't know why they hate me so much and never told me about it. But this will reflect in next year's Hanukkah gifts. Mark my word.  

I say make the trip to Modern Cafe. If you want to make a night of it there are a multitude of wonderful bars all within a block. I even suggested to SAGL that he, Betsy Wetsy and I take a bus/bar tour of the area this Summer.  

Happy Summer Eating! What's on your Food To Do List now that it's nice out?!?!?