Pop Up Videos, Potential Love In A Hopeless Place and (Breakfast) Potatoes

Breakfast food...and Mr. March.

Okay I am well into April and still have not told you about the March Restaurant that SAGL and myself ventured to. With short attention spans due to copious amount of Nintendo 8 Bit and VH1 Pop Up Videos we were already in the need to change it up from the all too normal "dinner out". Thankfully our dear friend Not Amish Susan suggested we do brunch last Sunday. And being the best little Girl Scout the Girl Scouts never accepted I had a brunch place on my mind. 

George and The Dragon is located at 50th and Bryant in the Lynnhurst neighborhood of SoMpls. Across the street from a bike store that intimidates me and one door down from the definitive tchotches store, Patina. Opened in 2011 it's a English Pub Style establishment with a distinctively fresh new car smell. That may be due to a fire that took the block down a few years back. Don't quote me but I'm pretty sure this restaurant was not there pre Wickerman. With that it was very pristine. Not the usual "don't lick the wall" vibe you get in an English pub. 

Menu was simple but with enough choices that you still have to send the attentive waitstaff away. Maybe twice. My only let down was no black and white pudding on the brunch menu. Personally that is a must with a full fry-up. Instead I ventured to try the Beef Rib Benedict. Which was pretty damn good. NOT served on an English Muffin but on an amazingly thin toasted piece of sourdough. And you know my weakness for sourdough is as bad as my weakness for anti-social bookish men.  

SAGL went old school with the English Fry-Up. I'm Irish so I just ignored it.  

Not Amish Susan who follows the faith of Anti-Glutenism took shelter in the weekly changing Scramble with Breakfast Potatoes. 

I will say everything looked great. And my Beef was very tasty. But then again beef has never been turned away by my mouth. 

The shining star of the whole kit and caboodle, however, was our breakfast starter. Cinnamon Sugar Cake Doughnuts. It was like a little preview of the State Fair to come. And I will admit now from the safety of my full sized bed that I was really glad that Not Amish Susan was not able to partake. If I lived around the corner I would probably stop in weekly for the donuts. 

One last thing about George and The Dragon. And this may be because Spring is in the air and I think I am in heat. But check out the website. There is some blond hottie with the name patch of "Mr. Miller" on his shirt. I will most likely be headed back to see what sort of beef he serves up.  

I'm out - let's chat next week. Might be about a baby shower I tossed up nort. Or not.  Haven't thought passed Netflix show I need to fall asleep to tonight.