Dating Dylan McDermott, Drunk Baking and Dramatic Jew-motional Eating

Hello Jackson - If you need a shoulder to cry on...I am here. Just take what wedding ring off.

Hello Jackson - If you need a shoulder to cry on...I am here. Just take what wedding ring off.

Well this week flew by - after a whirlwind trip up North and a full week in the sock factory I find myself having to get ready to get back on the road for work. And with Passover approaching next week I have food on the mind. Passover is the food best-t-est holiday the Jews have. I mean Thanksgivinukkah was amazing but Passover involves a lot of booze. However it does involve not eating leavened bread. So guess who has been Jew-motional bread eating for a few days? This Jew. That's Jew.  

This got me I am cleaning out the pantry before I go on yet another sojourn south of The Mason-Dixon I want to get rid of some cheese - Grilled Cheese for dinner and probably a bad movie on Netflix. And because I am not going be here to cook for Passover I decided to use some left over croissants in the southern classic of Bread Pudding. With a Jew twist of course.

Considering I have to spend a lot of upcoming time getting my Steel Magnolia's on, tonight is going to be spent eating - this is a food blog so that shouldn't surprise you.  Excuse me while I go all Diabetic Shelby on this...

Steel Magnolia Jewish Non Kosher Passover Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

(adapted from the internet and my emotional needs) 2014

I'll be in the corner crying for that poor baby of Shelby's. I mean how horrible to be raised by Dylan McDermott. I mean it's horrible because, as kin, they cannot date. I thank God everyday that I am not related to Dylan McDermott so when the time comes I will be able to date him. Date him so hard.  

Love and kisses.  

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