Sourdough, Sloths and The South

Hank on the Left - Cookie larger than my head on the Right

It has been nearly 96 days since my last post. I know that the blog has been missed because my landlord/roommate/coworker SAGL said to me yesterday, "I don't know what you have planned this weekend but I think it should involve catching up on your blog." And if the person who provides you with housing, tolerates your cooking and influences the decisions of your hiring manager says blog you blog.

So with that a shout out to my other reader, Just Joni. Hi Mom.

What's happened since I was last here? So friggin' much. So much in fact that I am going to just list it and then feel bad for really not blogging when I could have.

Things that I’ve done in the last three months:

1. Got a new job (SAGL needed a back fill that wouldn’t overshadow his legacy)
2. Traveled to North Carolina multiple times for said new job
3. Discovered the MOST AMAZING fast food in North Carolina – Bojangles. Where it's always Bo Time. 
5. Took an inner-city adventure with Betsy Wetsy and SAGL (upcoming post)
6. Tried a variety of new restaurants in town – or at least new to me
7. Lost the new guy
8. Trading Spaced my bedroom – Being adult means sleeping on an elevated mattress (and if you don’t remember Trading Spaces you are missing out on stylings of Hilde Santos – Tomas)
9. Discovered a new love of wine (up to two bottles a week in this household – I don’t take challenges lightly)
10. Rekindled another love with what I believe to be the best burger in town (The Burger Place)

I think that's everything.

HOLY CRAP – I made a GIANT ASS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE CAKE for my friend’s birthday dinner.  I mean it was friggin’ huge. See photo above.  

OH! – SAGL and I got a pet!!  My friend Stay At Home Reba was hosting  a lovely dinner party a few weeks back for our friend Zookeeper - remember her? She now lives on a farm and ogles her man as he plows things. Like the field and...

Anyway...Stay At Home Reba was telling me that she has a sourdough starter. I've had "make a sourdough starter" on my To Do List for I'm gonna say 4 years now. So naturally I just interrupted Stay At Home Reba's Minnesota goodbye and demanded she give me some starter to take home. An hour later we finally said our last goodbye.

Last week while I was traveling for my very important job (veeeerrrryyy important)I asked SAGL to kindly "feed" the starter.  So just toss in some flour and water you know. It was at that point I realized we now had a pet in our home. 

Holy shit we have to take care of someone!

So we named him Hank.  And everytime I say his name I hear Allison Janney yelling, "Go Haaaank!" in Drop Dead Gorgeous. If you don't know that reference you are dead to me. 

You get the point – shit got busy. And I lost focus and became a blog sloth. Apologies all around and know that stuff is already in the work.

Hank just threw up.