Breakfast, Chelsea Handler and Panties - bring on the google searches

Well it has been a while and I apologize. I wish I could tell you I was busy whipping up extravagant meals and publishing beautiful cookbooks, but that is not the case. I recently made the decision to move back to my old field of retail and am now playing middle man between a purveyor of panties and a giant red big box some of you may know.

Now don't freak out...I'm not shifting my love of food to a love of panties. That's just gross. Unless of course they are a nice pair of Calvin Kleins. 

With all that business aside - let's get down to why we are here today.

Breakfast - 

I go on monthly breakfast kicks. Sometimes it is Special K with Yogurt and Berries. Or for a long time it has been Liberte yogurt (I maybe helped work on the packaging for it). Which is amazing by the way. A little high in calories but made with ingredients you can actually pronounce and should eat. And sometimes it's just a handful of chocolate chips to get the blood flowing.

In the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of making and dining out on breakfast food. One place in particular I have hit up twice in a few weeks is the Colosal Cafe in South Minneapolis.  

Lawyer turned me onto it and I had to take Just Joni and The Family Matriarch for a follow up to make sure it was as colossally amazing as I had recalled.  

The place is tiny and both times I was lucky to be there on a weekday. I imagine that it is chaos on a weekend. However, I would be willing to body check my way to pancakes. Generous portions make you feel like a huge fattie after. But it's so good you ignore that and regret not going back in for seconds. The staff has been nothing but friendly. Which says a lot considering they have to spend a whole shift boob grazing it's so tiny in there.

Check out the video from the time they were on Diners, Drive In's and Dives - It's a little dated but the food looks as amazing in the clip as it did in person. 

Still on the subject of breakfast a few weeks ago I decided to get fresh with the bacon and at the request of SAGL I made some beer candied bacon. It was pretty good. A  bit labor intensive but tasty. If you want to give it a try this is the recipe I based mine on - BEER CANDIED BACON

I then tapped into the bacon reserves and made some little individual bacon wrapped breakfast cups. Really easy to make: 

Cut out a circle of bread that fits just inside a muffin tin. Take a partially cooked piece of bacon and wrap it around the inside of the muffin tin. Push the bread down into the bottom of the cup. Add a cheese of choice (we used pepper-jack). Salt and pepper. Maybe some fresh herbs if you have them. Then top with raw egg. Bake them off in the oven until done.  

On a non breakfast topic: 

In response to a friend on The Book. I do share my recipes and for the most part if you ask I will oblige if I haven't already shared on here.  My friend was interested in a tomato soup that I made for dinner one night last week. I can honestly say that I just whipped it up with no recipe. It was based on a the tomato soup recipe I shared a few weeks ago. This past week I paired the soup with a pepper-jack grilled cheese bagel. This was beyond easy. I simply took a bagel and Chelsea Handler'd it (picked out all the excess bread - I really just wanted the crispy shell and the flavor of the bread. Not the calories). I then sliced up a great pepper-jack that SAGL picked up at Trader Jose's. Popped them in the oven and got them gooey and then broiled them to get the browning that makes cheese orgasmic.  

So this was an extra long post to make up for all the time that I have been gone.  I promise to be back next week. Supper sluts is tonight and it's Black History Month. This should be a good combination.