Curds, Turds, and Herds: You Can Always Come Home


It's that time of the year again! This morning I woke up extra early. Slipped into my anti chafing underwear. Put on my walking shoes. And then made SAGL drive me to the Minnesota State Fair because I really am too delicate to fight traffic so early in the day. 

We arrived bright eyed with fists full of cash to test the waistbands of our tastefully chosen state fair ensembles.

With early crowds of diehards around us we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of Meatloaf Hash with Scrambled Eggs and a Bearnaise sauce. Totally worth a stop. And while you are in that neighborhood I suggest you just buy a Frozen Gain Belt Blu right away. Even if it is only 9 am. Really it's a breakfast juice with all those blueberries. You just need to be 21+ to drink it.

As you saunter your way along the tree lined streets, rubbing sweaty sunscreen stained shoulders with fellow Minnesotans you might find yourself back at the old standard cheese curd stand. This year they've upped the ante and now give us the option to buy the jumbo bucket. For some reason SAGL said we couldn't. I stopped talking to him for a few hours. Or until he suggested we chase the curds with Tom Thumb Mini Donuts.

At this point Just Joni and Sister arrived. Thankfully they needed a blueberry beer to start the journey. So I joined in.

We then quickly made our way to the 4H building where the real entertainment is. Every year we make a point to take in the 4H song and dance show. It's a little bit of Waiting For Guffman meets Drop Dead Gorgeous. Those kids work for days making costumes and lifting hearts of all the grandparents sitting in the stands. I suggest showing up for the last five minutes, watching the finale and the real talent. 

Outside the 4H building we found Alive And Kickin: These Seniors Rock. Imagine your great grandfather singing "Bohemian Rhapsody". It was amazing. Worth my flight back from North Carolina. Worth binge eating so much I was afraid to fart. Worth the questionable water in the bathroom sinks. If you live in Minnesota find this group and see them. 

After our show we had to get back on the food train. Over the next few hours we accomplished the following:

Fried Pimento Cheese Sticks at O'Gara's:Tasty but no need for the hot sauce that comes along with it

Mini Donut Crunch Ice Cream with Butter Queen Coffee Izzy at The Hamiline Church: Butter Queen is new this year. It's not fancy. Just coffee ice cream.

Oslo And Korean Tacos at Shanghaied Henri's:SAGL and I were torn about this. I loved the Oslo with lingonberry sauce. And he loved the Korean with a kick.

Margarita's at Cafe Carib:It was more sticky than a night at the gay bar in August so an iced drink was just needed. 

Cowboy Bites at Frontier Saloon:Probably my favorite hit of the season. Usually I'm suspicious of balls that leave a lingering taste in my mouth. But these fried balls of heat and cheese are welcome back anytime.


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