Curds, Turds and Herds: Part Deuce

Katelyn has the softest complexion - butter like one could say...

I've let the belt out, crop dusted, and wiped the meat sweat from my brow today. That only means one thing people...


If you have not already ventured to that vague no man's land that sits on the edge of Saint Paul and Minneapolis it's time you did. Because just like last year there is a feast for the belly and and one for the eyes. 

As last year was such a raging success of a MN State Fair trip (please feel free to re read it right here) I decided to make that magic happen again with some added jazz. So today around noon the car service arrived (SAGL's car is black and I sit the back seat=car service) myself, iMatt, SAGL and special guest Just Joni drag raced to the great Minnesota Get Together.  

This year I had a plan. I may have taken a little time out of my work personal life to scour the reviews/lists/blogs regarding this years new food. With list in hand we began our tour de force. My stomach may or may not resemble those sad Sally Struthers commercial babies now. 

P.S. Did you know that Sally Struthers is going to court to appeal a DWI she got last year? That smart cookie has asked for a jury all about it.

Let the reviews begin:


On your left we have the NORTHWOOD'S BBQ TACO from SAN FELIPE TACOS. You can find San Filipe and his brood of Scandinavian maidens working in The Food Building. Yes it is simply called The Food Building. I cannot get enough of coleslaw on some form of a sandwich as of late. It was completely non Kosher and wonderful. 

On your right you will find the "Elder" Berry ice cream found at Hamline Church. I don't understand what makes it a church but SAGL said that when he was wee one the fam used to get to the fair rather early for a "church breakfast". Anyway they have an ice cream window now. There was some serious buzz about the mini donut flavored ice cream but the review I read last week said to skip that and have the "Elder" Berry flavor.  It was wonderful. It sparked debate on where Elder Berries come from. And for the record we were all correct. Find out here...right here.


These beauties are runners up this year. 

  • Far Left - Chop Dog from Blue Moon Dine-In Theatre. The meat is from Kramarczuk's in NE Minneapolis so it has to be good. However the best part of this sandwich for me was the perfectly toasted bread it came wrapped in. There was a "chili" version that I could have bought and in hind sight wish I had. 
  • Middle - Deep Fried Pickles filled with cream cheese. Enough said. If you are wondering where the pickle is in that hallowed out shell of deep fried was in my mouth burning the first two layers flesh away. And was worth every second of pain. 
  • Far Right - Craft Beer Battered Onion Rings from The Ball Park Cafe. I thought they were okay. Everyone else seemed to like them. I am right. They were only okay. Better with ketchup than that weird mustard they give you. 

Other things that happened (State Fair Fashions):

These beauties are not runners up. They are FIRST PLACE all the way...

  • Far Left - Just Joni spotted this gem. Dot there is wearing a terry cloth bib. That's right. A bib. She is choosing to sport it like a cape (very rive gauche if you ask me). Her compatriots were going classic bib with it in front. The bib says, "You are what you eat at the Minnesota State Fair". No truer words have ever been said. 
  • Middle - I love love love this fair goer. She has coordinated everything! Sunglasses, knit top, capri short thingys and her l'eau mineral. The best accessory for this ensemble is her voracity towards that ear of corn. Damn Gurl! You are fierce. No apologies.
  • Far Right - This uniform still exists in 2013. I love it. I want a chair in the same pattern with a shirtless Bradley Cooper sipping a lime phosphate listening to me talk about my fabulous day. By the dubs - she was selling $6 lemonade. I am in the wrong business.  
So now I don't need to go into SAGL's love of bacon. We did make a very quick stop at Double Wrapped Bacon Corn Dog. And this happened...(scroll really fast and it's like one of those old time flip books you had to make when your parents got the over ambitious babysitter) - 

And It's Gone - I had one bite.  It was good. 

Next was this:

DEEP FRIED OREOS!!!!!!!!!! Worth every exclamation. 

We ended the day with this - Deep Fried Bread Pudding. I love me some bread pudding. And this was that wrapped in hot oil, sprinkled with sugar. I almost threw up a little in hopes of savoring it again. That sentence is so gross I really almost threw up.

Now picture the amazingness that is right above this. I had waited all day to try the Deep Fried Bread Pudding from O'Gara's. So I saunter up to the order window after I have allowed all other food to settle into the depths of my tire like waistline. 

When all of the sudden there is royalty in line next to me...

Please note that Princess is sporting glitter hair that is held up by a tiara...and flip flops.

This is what goes down...

Princess: "I am a Princess. What is that you have in you hands? I want it!"

Me: "I am Queen. Back down. And by the way, I outrank you."

Okay so that really didn't happen. She just kindly asked what it was I had ordered. And I suggested she try the bread pudding instead of the empty calories and potential late night mistakes her double fisted beer order might cause.  

Okay so I really didn't say that either. I was bloated and nearing a diabetic coma.  

I just kindly suggested the bread pudding and walked away. 

P.S. That is not my tummy protruding from my shirt - there was breeze gently fluttering my blouse.  

All in all it was a successful run at the mill today. Good productivity. Great output - everyone went the bathroom when needed. Great conversation and wonderful food. Not to be outdone by the friggin' fantastic people watching.  

Thank GOD that this only comes once a year...but go tomorrow...or Sunday...or Monday.  Because everything I talked about will not be there next year. Including that "princess".  

Hot Sticky Fun

I'm going to leave you with this quote that Just Joni shared with me this evening as we lay on the living room floor trying to not have the trots...

"I don't want to spend my life not having good food go in my pie hole. That hole was made for pies." - Paula Deen

I still love her.  And her now on clearance merchandise.