Slow Cookers, (Cole) Slaw, and Sexy Whispers from Ryan Gosling

sandwich photo is thanks to  a zesty bite  ryan gosling courtesy of my bedroom (dreams)

sandwich photo is thanks to a zesty bite ryan gosling courtesy of my bedroom (dreams)

Pinterest (find my addiction here) is the devil. It's my new porn. When I cannot sleep at night I roll over and more often than not I get a little poke in the back and Ryan Gosling whispers in my ear, "hey I bet something on Pinterest would love to be looked at". After that I have no ability to control myself and soon enough my right hand is cramping from all the swiping and double tapping. Once I have had my fill of 'pinning' like most men I just roll over and fall asleep.

Thankfully I am still hooked on Murder, She Wrote. Sixteen and one half hours of viewing and I wrapped up season one. The last four episodes have had me walking away briefly to stir my slow cooker. Pinterest won out last night when The Fates took my pointer finger on a journey through fall cooking that lead me to this wonderful recipe.  

I brought out my finest slow cooker and got to work. I have multiple. Everyone should. Sometimes I take them out and shine them up like fine china. I'm joking. But one should have options when cooking at a snail's pace.  

Slow Cooker Jalapeno Popper Pulled Chicken 


Now I made some changes and made a classic creamy coleslaw to put on top. I can't imagine eating pulled anything without a slaw.  

This recipe just proves that fall cooking kicks summer cooking's ass.