White Girls with Pumpkin Lattes, Winter Squash and The Walking Dead

my picture, someone else's ( click here ), and my photo

my picture, someone else's (click here), and my photo

Fall is officially here. The Dakota Provinces were taken over by a winter storm and I got chilly walking from the car to the theatre last night. There are just no good in between season jackets for dudes.  

It has been crazy busy in the man panty selling world which is why you didn't hear from me last week. Or I was totally emotionally eating and binge watching The Walking Dead. It was so long ago I don't recall. 

So this weekend was dedicated to continuing to do nothing. I spent part of Saturday in cinema therapy, part of the day preening and then being cultural in the evening by going to a show. 

Today I decided to take advantage of the rain and cold and the mysterious spaghetti squash that has been laying around the kitchen for a week. All over the blogosphere I keep seeing winter squash/apples and shiny white girls sipping pumpkin spice lattes. Knowing I only care about two of those things I googled up my good friend Martha to see what I could do with the winter squash and three apples I had on hand.  

Below is the resulting recipe (because who the hell ever has everything at home?):

That's it folks - I'm off to Supper Sluts. This month we are eating out. Nothing special. Just burgers.

See you next week.  

Roasted Winter Squash and Apple Soup