Asian Fare, Aslan and Awesomeness

This past week I had the pleasure of getting together with my awesome friend Sarah from If you are a regular reader of this golden nugget of goodness (my blog of course) you SHOULDN'T hesitate to visit hers. She's one up on the world.  

A few months ago she raved about this Vietnamese restaurant that I immediately forgot the name to. And once an inexcusable amount of time went by that I could do nothing but sheepishly ask her again what it was I just told her to meet me there for dinner so I could see it through her eyes. 

Trieu Chau is located in what I consider Eastern Wisconsin but I think is technically South Frogtown of the eastern wood of St Paul. Look for the fawn next to the lamp and ask for Aslan. He'll set you up. It's really at 500 University Ave West. Right on the soon to be running Green Line of the light rail system or the present day 16 bus line.  

The joint is small and pretty darn cute. Handful of tables and booths. Ever attentive staff. In fact Sarah was talked to like a true regular. Something I LOVE when going to a restaurant.  

Not one to normally nosh down on Vietnamese I followed Sarah's lead and enjoyed the Mock Duck with Mixed Vegetables. It was a spicy number with a bowl of rice the size of right moob (it is always been bigger than the left, why?). We unhinged jaws and took down our meal between a think tank like exchange of cool crap we've been up to these past few months. Her party attendance card was more full than mine, but I had tattooed little people stapling dolla bills to humans on mine.   

Very reasonably priced, I tossed a $20 their way for both plates and got some change back. 

While there the place kept a steady pace of people coming in and I vowed to venture back as soon as the weather is more cuffed biking pants and less chinchilla lined man panties. 

Take a bus, take a train (when they finish it), take your darn car. But certainly try out Trieu Chau and let us know what you think!

p.s. Trieu Chau has no internet homebase. but you have the name of the joint. I gave you the address and you have a smartphone. Use all that and you will be fine.