Travel Tips, Rupaul's Muff and Gifts From The Magi

If needed, remove non essentials like clothing to make room for your brie. That's 3 lb of lovely in that duffle. 

Many of us will be traveling this holiday season. Some to hot-dishes that call from our MSG filled youth. Some to exotic locales where hot-dishes are unknown (poor fools). And still some to the bar for a Tom and Jerry's (find one and love it).  

But if you find yourself packing and already longing for a treat on your travels that will remind you of the "home" you are about to leave I suggest you consider a road-trip snack. Something that will give you comfort as you go over the river and through the woods. 

Dang. I just realized I am actually going over the river and through the woods this season.  


Pack a snack.  

Every holiday season I wait for my besties over at Lund's to roll out the wheels of brie at a reduced cost. Thankfully this year they hit rock bottom prices. It's the most versatile of soft cheeses. Grilled, on its own, smothered in fig jam or just looking pretty on a plate, brie is everyone's friend. I'm fairly certain it was one of the gifts from the Magi but didn't make the final edit of the good book. Go introduce yourself. But go now. Because I'm already on my way for another wheel. And watch your back. Because I once had to elbow a friend out of the way in the dairy case for some brie. She's an addict. 

As you have already figured out my snack of choice is brie. And maybe a Swiss Cake Roll.  It's a long haul once you get past the river.  

Happy Holidays and please enjoy this treat from our friend RuPaul. Check out her muff. It's so fluffy and white.