French-ish Movies, French-ish Restaurant Reviews and (getting) Fresh with Micheal Douglas' Lower Back.

to die and comeback as Kathleen Turner's right hand at that moment...cupcake photo courtesy of

As I lay about catching on the classic film Jewel Of The Nile I thought it best to take the time to catch my fan(s) up on May's new restaurant. You may recall in this pivotal 80's film that Joan and Jack start their second adventure somewhere along what I assume to be the French Riviera. At least that is what I tell myself. Making Jewel Of The Nile a foreign film. So I watched a foreign film this weekend...did you?

In keeping with French themes, SAGL and myself found our way to The Copper Hen this past week. Having read about this joint somewhere on the internets we decided to make it our May Restaurant of Choice. That and it was hot outside and the damn restaurant was close to home. Outside, this Minneapolis Eat Street venue looks similar to the pubs you might see back in the Mother Land. However, once inside you find yourself in a very open, very toile covered French-ish feeling bistro. And not so ugly staff. Which I am pretty sure gets you more on the Zagat's Guide than anything else. 

Quick study of the menu and I naturally went for the burger. It had caramelized onions. How could I say no? That, a side of smashed baby potatoes to share and a class of bubbly I was settled in for my meal. Oddly though, the turkey and brie sandwich SAGL ordered arrived about 5 minutes before my burger. I understand the early bird special at Sizzler's might cause a slow down in food arrival, but given the other 5 patrons maybe put us at a 1:1 ratio with staff I was confused at the delay. The kind staff did offer up a free cocktail to make up for it. I passed. Only because I didn't want to risk waiting.  

So the food - pretty damn good. The burger was on an amazing buttered brioche with a massive amount of homemade cheese whiz. Yes, HOMEMADE CHEESE WHIZ. SAGL spoke highly of his sandwich. The potatoes could have been a pass. We also opted to drink our dessert across the street at another establishment. Mostly because I could see SAGL's retina's burning as we sat directly in the sun.  Now the desserts did look amazing and according to the restaurant's website the chef behind them has been at it for a long time. 

I will most likely go back to try the dessert. And by "dessert" I don't mean the man candy behind the counter.  

Where else should I try this Summer???? Some of you must have an opinion.