Weather Terror, Weight Watchers, The Waldorf Family

Seriously. Look at that cornbread. This is everything we ate. Not my photos.

It's May here in Minneapolis. Still feels like March most days. We are a hearty bunch and stay for a reason. My blogging. 

Most days this month I've been recapping the weather terror reports with Jeggings over coffee and lox. There was the one day a troupe of little people were left frozen in the middle of over-sized pot hole. Last week 10,000 geese collided in a dense fog over the Mississippi. Only yesterday a bus full of bi-lingual orphans had to swim to the safety of the median as the bus was swept up in a torrent of rain.  

One day this month I ventured out to dinner. Because I promised all 8 of my readers a monthly review of a new restaurant.  

April's restaurant of choice was The Boneyard Kitchen and Bar in Uptown Minneapolis. This former Old Chicago location was settled like an English village by the Viking Clan known as Crave Kingdom of Restaurants. As I struggle with the suburban gentrification of Uptown I was hesitant to try it. BUT THEN THE COUPON CAME!

How do you turn down a coupon?!?!

With some strategic email planning and cube life chit chat it was soon arranged that I, SAGL, and Not Amish Susan would venture to this new southern fare watering hole where my Old Chicago heart once was. I mean in 12 years I went there twice. So basically I was a regular.  

Appetizers were ordered - 

Andouilli Corn Dog Babies (yes it says babies)...but they come on a stick! Pretty damn good too. Mind you I was raised on corn dogs.  

Fried Green Tomatoes - these were wonderful. They used baby green tomatoes and quartered them so you could pop them in your mouth like a post spit swap Altoids.  

"Killer" Cornbread - seriously just get one for yourself. DO NOT SHARE. Bacon and brown sugar. What more do you need? Plus it has killer in the name. Which is really just foreshadowing if you are extremely gluten intolerant.  

As many of you know my standard first judgmental look at a new place is by ordering the burger. If you can wow me with your burger I will come back and try something else. As much as I hate to think a spawn of Crave can wow me with a burger this place did. How the hell do you not love TWO patties of beef swimming in melted cheese?

SAGL ordered the Texas Style Smoked Brisket. I hear brisket and I think of a nice Friday dinner with The Waldorf's on Gossip Girl. I assume it was good as the next day I received an instant message from SAGL stating he was still burping up brisket. 

Not Amish Susan ventured to try the Bronzed Snapper as it came with a crab corn chowder that made her groan in a way that only crab corn chowder does. 

We had a special guest that evening. My southern born and raised boss was with us. We allowed him to gauge the southern authenticity of everything. From my recollections his only side eye was the succotash. "Too many black eyed peas", I believe was his comment. He unhinged and inhaled his Bacon Wrapped Duck Meatloaf. 

We wrapped the night up with a slice of Hummingbird Cake. I have heard rumblings of this cake in my travels to the Country of North Carolina but have yet to try it.

Let's just call it what it is. Spice cake. Save your dessert money and roll over to Lund's apres dinner and buy a box of Swiss Cake Rolls. I'm not sure but I'd guess that a box of Swiss Cake Rolls is fewer Weight Watchers Points than this cake.  

Happy Eating. All 8 of you reading this.