Sister Wives, "Sandwichs", and Sexy York Peppermint Patties

hello "ducks in a row" photography - or easy restaurant prep

It's been a while, but Supper Sluts was back at my place. And those damn beeyotchs were demanding as ever. I joke. They make no demands. And all the pressure I feel is self imposed. This time I spent weeks pouring over cookbooks trying to find just the right thing. 

Okay I lied. I spent one night half watching Archer and half thumbing copies of my Nigella cookbooks. That menu lasted all of about 10 minutes when I got to the grocery store and became super lazy. I know it's not what Martha would do, but that diva has assistants for everything. I had given mine the day off. 

So the menu changed. And then changed again. 

Then one night I found myself trolling for "fun" waiting for Sister and Sister's Husband at the International Baggage claim section of the airport reading a Food and Wine while rimming a York Peppermint Patty praying it would whisk me away like the ad's say it does. Alas after I went to town on the YPP I found myself drooling over a small article featuring food in Salt Lake City. I guess more wives means more dinner options.  

This months Supper Sluts was both a nod to the Summer that may never arrive, the winter that may never leave and Black Kelly. 

I started with the classic Deviled Egg. Followed it up with a Brat in the style of a Reuben Sandwich with pickled vegetable relish. Paired it with some homemade Mac and Cheese. And backed it up with homemade Disaronno Ice Cream. Why Disaronno you ask? Because sometime last year Black Kelly found herself at the house with a bottle and just left it. Like we're the friggin' Elk's Club where you leave a bottle with your name taped on it.  

Check out the recipes here: 

Mormon Brats (okay not really Mormon Brats)

Mac and Cheese (I love this recipe - don't tell anyone)

Disaronno Ice Cream - 

I really made this up so don't quote me on this recipe - make it your own.  

1 C Water
1 Pack Powdered Gelatin
2 1/2 C Heavy Cream
2/3 C Disaronno (or some other flavor of choice)

Bring to boil water and dissolve gelatin. Remove from heat and let cool briefly. Add Disaronno to water gelatin mix. In large bowl place heavy cream and add Disaronno water mix. Place in clean plastic container with tight lid. Put in freezer and stir once every thirty minutes for the next four hours. So basically just start a new show on Netflix. After four hours leave overnight. You get a somewhat "icy" ice cream. But shave some nutmeg on top and go to town on it.  

Until next time...