Heatbox, Hairy Hipsters, and Holiday Happenings

Minneapolis Shenannigans 

Minneapolis Shenannigans 

This totally falls under the "shenanigans" part of my life. Not even in the kitchen shenanigans. Just plain shenanigans.  

Last night myself and the roommate had the pleasure of attending I AM MPLS at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. The annual event was held to raise money for a new community art space in Minneapolis called Public Functionary (click on the name to visit the kickstarter site and donate).  

I AM MPLS featured local musicians, comedians, dancers and a fashion show. With all the vibe of a high school variety show I will say it was a pretty cool way to spend a random Thursday night.  

Big Gingers were on special and the fragrant smell of hipsters who think showering is optional made the evening even more memorable.  

Both myself and the roommate commented that it was refreshing to have a new set of people to people watch. Our favorites were the grandmotherly types that caused the roommate to proclaim, "if they can come out on a Thursday night we NEED to go out more". Which of course made me wonder what else happens in this city that we don't know about? 

Highlight of the evening (other than some stoned dread-headed woman parkouring her way on and off the side elevated seating) was Heatbox and his mouth magic on stage. 

One last thing...I'm technically now one degree away from Heidi Klum. Christopher Straub walked right in front of me at the event last night. Heidi says Hola.