Brunch Sluts, Booze and Overseas Travel

"brunch without booze is just a sad late breakfast"

"brunch without booze is just a sad late breakfast"

First - This month's Supper Sluts was a special edition. Much like those Dateline NBC Special Editions this one is up for an Emmy nom. This month's host was Camp Counselor (she's a camper...we've discussed this before). Camp Counselor decided that this month would be an optimal time to have brunch. And everybody loves brunch. If you don't you can just hit the "next blog" button up top there.

Camp Counselor spared no expense for the spread. There was Bloodies, Mimosa's and some food. The Mimosa's were wonderful.  $9.99 champagne never tasted so friggin' great. It was really hot out so yeah...$9.99 champagne did taste great.  

But really there was some wonderful food. Two egg bakes. One with chorizo sausage. The other was good.  But let's get back to the chorizo sausage one.  It was spicy and a great chaser to the Mimosa's. Fresh fruit and some bite size sweet goods were also on the buffet of fun laid out. Needless to say we all left bloated and nap ready.  

Now there is nothing I want more than so share the amawzing recipe for the chorizo sausage egg bake. Camp Counselor promised that I would get the recipe so I could share.  Camp Counselor is busy running a camp but should know by now that I will talk about her on the blog until I get the recipe.  

Will update when I get it.  Promise. 

Second - I had a great time last week with Sarah from She came over and we made marshmallows! Watch out next week for an update on that.  

Third - I am just hours away from loading my butt onto a giant metal bird and heading to Ireland with Just Joni, my aunt and some stranger they know. I plan to eat my way around Ireland and report back. I will be gone for 2 weeks but will do my hardest to stop in and tell you all about the potatoes I am eating.  

I'm off to find my Lucky Charms - total unpaid plug.  Damn good cereal.