Brownies, Empty Promises and Heart Shaped Baking Pans

Happy Valentine's Day.

Though (now ex) Boyfriend is enjoying the sun halfway around the world (thinking only of me I am sure) I am at home baking for this most hallowed of Hallmark days. My birthday is coming and with that a new license. As I make my way on this winter day to the DMV I will be dropping off some Chocolate Fudge Cherry Brownies to friends downton. They are chained to their cubes and therefore should be fed healthy treats.

If I was in elementary school I would have to make brownies for all my "friends". Thank God I am not in elementary school (the baby fat and sweatsuits alone were reason enough to get out of there). At this age I can be picky. I wish I could make heart shaped brownies for everyone. But time and money are limited.

Originally I had plans tonight with some friends. Plans were made while on an unscheduled pub crawl around the state last week. So you can imagine it was no surprise we all bailed on each other last night. I knew it was going to be a solo night when this text was received, "I'll text you guys when I'm half way through a pint of PB Haagen Dazs, watching The Notebook for the 4th time in 3 days."

Whatever your plans may be - binge eating is approved today.